Journée CORTICO 2019

Vendredi 29 mars 2019, Polytech’Lille

(This second day will be conducted in English.)

This second day is dedicated to the annual meeting of the French BCI community. We will be pleased and honoured to welcome prestigious researchers of the field. We will also propose a hands-on session organized thanks to our partners and sponsors.

The detailed program is available HERE

Program overview


  • 8:30-9:00: Welcoming/Registration
  • 9:00-9:15: Introduction of the event by Maureen Clerc, Amphi Migeon
  • 9:15-10:30: Plenary session: “Passive BCIs”, Amphi Migeon, chaired by Fabien Lotte
    • Duo-keynote:
      • Anton Nijholt (Dpt of HMI, University of Twente, Netherlands)
        Taking control of Brain-Computer Interfaces …
      • Anne-Marie Brouwer (TNO – Innovation for life, Netherlands)
        … and increase their added value in real life
  • 10:30-10:45: Coffee break, salle Pasteur
  • 10:45-11h10: Plenary session: “Pre-workshop teasers”, 5 minutes for each sponsor, Amphi Migeon, chaired by Jelena Mladenovic
  • 11:10-13:15: “Hands-On” workshops – Different activities will be proposed by our sponsors/partners:

13h30 Lunch break, restaurant universitaire Barrois


  • 14:30-16:00: Plenary session: “presque-duo du presque-terroir”, Amphi Migeon, chaired by Camille Jeunet
    • Trio-keynote – BCIs for motor skill acquisition
      • Arnaud Delval (INSERM U1171, Univ. Lille, Clinical neurophysiology department)
        Characterization of normal and abnormal movements using EEG
      • Axelle Leroy (LNMB, ULB, Brussels University, Belgium, teaching activities)
        Looking for the Flow: neuronal generators of the brain states
      • Guy Cheron (LNMB, ULB, Brussels University, Belgium)
        Using BCIs to enhance motor skill acquisition: a promising approach to understand and improve athletes’ performances
  • 16:00-16:15: Coffee break, salle Pasteur
  • 16:15-17:00: Discussion – Participants feedback – Organizing committee of CORTICO days 2020
  • 17:00-17h15: Closing session

Videos recorded during the event are available online.